We have a simple aim for Arctechpro. It is to make it the only software (other than CAD) that a small or medium sized architects or engineering practice needs to run its operation.

The system can be used for sharing drawings with the design team, logging time to keep an eye on the profitability of projects, creating & emailing inspection reports while on-site (using the app), document management, invoicing, custom report templates, reporting and many more features.

System Features: – easy to use, quick to learn, loads of support

On site: inspections

Use the app to easily highlight issues during the build. Images can be taken and located on drawings. Then email off the report (with your full branding) from the mobile device before you have left site.

Out & About: Names, Contact Info, Plans

Even when you are away from the office you still have all the information about all your projects to hand. Contacts, phone numbers, email, plans all at your finger tips.

Sharing Plans with the design and build teams

Use the project respository to share the latest plans. When external parties login they are alerted if new verions have been added since they last checked. Give external parties the ability to upload their drawing also to complete the loop.

Project Profitibility

Log hours spent (broken down by project, stage and activity) so you know where you are financially with each project. This will help you reign in when you need to do so. Using the project roadmap, get a realistic idea at the outset of how profitable a project might be.

Invoice / Accounts

Our book-keeping section will allow you to bill your clients and follow up with statements / aged debtors report and credit notes. ArctechPro can also integrate easily with accounts packages such as Sage / TAS / Xero / Quickbooks.

Custom Document Templates

With the help of our ever enthuastic support team, create your own custom forms. They can be filled from the app and online and you can have the system produce exactly the output you like, complete with your own branding and incorporating your individual look and feel.

Weekly Scheduling

If you have a larger team, have your staff schedule their time in advance, so project leaders know that sufficient time is being allocated to their project in order to meet agreed timelines

Simple Comments Log

It may sound basic (and it is) but if you have multiple staff working on a project, use the system to record conversations/emails with the client, building control personnel and external members of the design team. That way everyone can easily keep up to date.

Document Management

Use the system to give an overview (and an extra layer of metadata) of the documents / emails / drawings / certificates & correspondence associated with the project.


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