Web Based Business Management Applications

ArctechPro - A simple, comprehensive, inexpensive, back office system for architects and engineers

Printlogic - Integrated business management system for small to medium-sized commercial printers & brokers

Wildcard Software Limited

Wildcard Software is a  software company that provides web based business management applications. All of our systems are managed and all support is provided from our offices in Dublin, Ireland. Our user base spreads across several European countries and several different industries.

Wildcard Software was and is a pioneer of the software-as-a-service model and all our systems are web based, eliminating the need to install, configure and maintain an on-premises solution.


Arctechpro is a system designed for architects and their clients. It comprises of three broad areas being compliance, client interaction and practice management.

Using the system an architect can reduce time spent hand holding a client though the many many small decisions that must be made, whilst at the same time offering the client a better service. Read more on the product website.


Printlogic Software

Printlogic Software is an integrated business management system for small to medium-sized commercial printers & brokers.

Printlogic offers the user everything any print company requires to print manage their business from estimating, outsourcing, producing job sheets, delivery dockets, stock control, accounts, management reports, marketing, diary system.


Adviser Plus / Bestadvice

Adviser Plus / Bestadvice are services that provide product research for Financial Brokers in Ireland.

We provide support to over 700 individual firms with more and 2000 users on these very high availability services. They deal with everything from pensions to investment to life insurance quotes.

Adviser Plus / Bestadvice


The Omnibroker system provides client management and data delivery solutions for Financial Brokers.

Through the services we provide to Broker Information Services, we provide support to over 5000 users from over 1500 individual firms.

We receive and disperse the details of over 2 million insurance policies each day coming from all the major insurance companies in Ireland.



Smartbroke is specialised software for brokers in Ireland writing commercial insurance. The information the system stores is necessarily complex and is held on several levels.

The system stores clients’ risk information, claims history, renewal histories & policy information and produces professional and customisable submissions, reports & schedules based on this data.